Euroweek 2016Welcome to the website of the Euroweek 2016 “Creativity and Entrepreneurship: facing the Megatrends” that will be held at the ECAM in Brussels, Belgium, from 17 to 23 April 2016.

ECAM-logoWelcome to the ECAM, a college of engineering with 1000 students, situated in a large University campus. After a 5-year Master cycle, they graduate in one in the following degree programmes: Electromechanical Engineering, Automation, IT, Electronics, Civil Engineering and Surveying.

Welcome to Brussels the capital of Europe (your capital, for many of you!), a city of culture and art, where the South meets the North, a crossroads of Latin and Nordic influences. Brussels was occupied by Austria, Spain, France and the Netherlands, making it the historical heart of Europe.

Welcome to Belgium, the land of chocolate, waffles, fries and beer. But not only. It is the country of surrealism, rainy and grey weather, bicycle races, comic strips (Tintin!), great painters (Magritte and, earlier, Rubens), ancestral folklore (the “Gilles in Binche”), wonderful natural sites, exceptional cities (Bruges and Ghent among many others) and Stromae!  It is also a complicated country, with incomprehensible political structures and 3 official languages (French, Flemish/Dutch and German). Nevertheless, we are confident you will love it!

So, see you in April 2016. Can you imagine how impatient we are to have you all here?

Euroweek 2016,
ECAM Organizing Team